Another Way to Do Push-Ups: with Fitball

The fitball or Swedish ball we have already seen that it has many utilities and it can make a good exercise plan. One of them is the push-ups with feet on the ball, This focuses more on work in the upper portion of the chest, something very beneficial to the girls and their chest area.

As the ball is something unstable the abdominal muscles will also work to avoid desquilibrios, which makes the most complete exercise yet. And for the not have great force to perform push-ups, can do less intense exercise supporting the waist instead of feet, so we won’t have to raise so much weight and it will be easier.

Exercising with fitball in a good way of vary the training, We already know that do the same exercises in all workouts will make us estanquemos and not evolucionemos. Introducing this element makes work a muscle differently and add other muscles to exercise to coordinate the exercise, therefore it is very full.

To avoid falling US ball movement must be done more slowly, which intensifies even more exercise and gives you a point of postural control important.

You know, put a ball in your life and your table of exercises will charge much variability and fun, do not forget to enter this type of elements make the routines more entertaining and dynamic.