Almost Half of Women Should Not Enter a Store If There Are Rebates (One Study)

Can a 50% than that showcase full of temptations? A good deal that dress that us has fallen in love at first sight?

The First Insight company, specializing in analyzing the behavior of consumer, has conducted a study with 1303 consumers about buying habits and the answer is that a showcase full of discounts It can be decisive at the time that we enter an establishment or not.

Up to 45% of women do not come into a store to buy unless you have sales. Compared to 39% who are willing to visit several stores to find the best price.

And is that according to all the results obtained in this study entitled Markdown Mania, sales are the main attraction that leads us to purchase and does not serve any rebate: there must be a reduction of at least 41% off the original price so we decide to take the step. Literally.

First Insights also came to the conclusion that up to two-thirds of the study participants came not for nothing in the shops and that they preferred to buy online. And that 60% of consumers expected to find best prices on these sites than in traditional shops.

According to this study the blame for this change of attitude by consumers is brands, stressing that there is a perception that products have the courage that mark their original prices due to the maelstrom of discounts and offers. Perhaps we have entered all in a spiral of balances, discounts online, outlets, etc. and are now immunized against the seasonal products and shopwindows?

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