Aerobithon, The Great Marathon of Aerobics

Although every time we are more people enjoy the benefits of sport, there are still many people who do not practice any physical activity on a regular basis, and is that in the majority of cases associate sport with boredom or suffering.

To avoid this, the Spanish Federation of aerobics and fitness takes place the Aerobithon, a series of activities that run throughout Spanish to bring to everyone the sport and that can participate in the various activities that are conducted during the days that lasts this festival.

The Aerobithon is a popular aerobics Marathon involving professionals recognized within this activity. Its purpose is the approaching this sport around the world and make public the practice of the aerobic benefits for our health, then helps us to improve our resistance to the effort and get a better cardiovascular health.

This Marathon has a duration three hours in which all participants can demonstrate his style, because that technique, movement, tracking the choreography and the endurance in a sport in which concentration and control of the body is a key part of its development is valued.

The Spanish Federation of aerobics and fitness aims to overcome the results of the last edition of the Aerobithon, which counted with the presence of more of 30,000 participants distributed along of the 40 events It was conducted by all Spain.

Participate in Aerobithon can be get to know a very beneficial for our health sport, since practice we will manage to improve our general way, maintain muscle tone and correct the shape of our body at the same time we maintain active body.

Aerobithon has been held along throughout 2008 and has already traveled 16 of the 18 provinces in that order. The next appointments, which will take place in the month of October, will be carried out in Jaén and Asturias respectively. In them you can participate all that want, since the festival focuses on the entire population, because besides being a sporting event, it is an interactive show.