Achieve a Strong Abdominal Eliminating Common Errors

The abdominal work It is one of the most controversial sport, since most of us make too many mistakes which do not take into account and which are them preventing us to evolve. For this reason we are going to review some of the most common to remedy them as quickly as possible.

Most of the people who attended the gym we believe that more is better, and we apply this maxim to training, in particular to the abdominal muscles that we were exhausted until exhaustion without realizing that it’s one muscle like other anyone who need your breaths to recover the pressure that we put them on a daily basis. It is important to follow this maxim at foot juntillas to get training in a healthy way.

Always it has inculcated us that training must start with the abdominal muscles, you have to train every day. The abdominal muscles are muscles just like the rest. Yes it is true that they have more power than other muscle recovery, but this does not mean that we can extenuar them and get a fatigue that will result in a deterioration. It is important to respect the time of rest and not training ABS every day, but with two or three times a week should be more than enough.

When it comes to train many we are what we do endless series Repeat to work the abdominal muscles. This is a very widespread belief, since we always think that more is better. Nothing further from the truth. True abdominal training is based on the work concentrated on which you focus directly on the muscles and different parts of the abdominal area. For this reason, it is essential to exercise concentrates on the worked area so that are muscles that can withstand all the thrust. In this sense more raw intensity that the amount of repetitions that ultimately make us wrong and we hurt to forced postures.

Another common failure is carry out movements too long in executing the different exercises. Usually in most routines we do that psoas comes into action, as well as lumbar. This is because in most cases the length of movements. It is essential to do short tours where the concentration area is maximum to work the muscles. Along with this we must take into account the alignment of the column, so we must avoid twists trunk and twists that can bring in a lesion.

Another point that we must keep in mind is that a good abdominal killing us to tone them not only get, but it is fundamental eliminate the fat that covers them and not let them look. The best way to do it is going on a diet low in calories and fats combined with aerobic as the race, spinning, swimming … the combination of the three variables is the formula to obtain a strong and visible abdominal.