Absolo, Machine for Innovation When It Comes to Sit-Ups

In all routine of exercises can not miss the abdominal and even though we wanted to harden our abdomen, sometimes classic activities bored us to tone it.

In order to make more fun and original abdominal work has created a machine called ABsolo. It’s a new product that allows achieving a very effective and full exercise without boredom is installed in the middle of the training.

Exercise that is performed with Absolo is to pick up and throw in a cyclic manner medicine balls, by which not only involves the muscles of the abdomen but which strengthens the arms and the back muscles.

In addition, the work requires muscle-visual coordination, i.e., combines physical exercise with the mental work. Thus, develop functions neuromotor important for the majority of sports.

On the other hand, reached with ABsolo training allows the user to set their own goals, motivate you and stimulate your physical practice.

Another “extra” advantage of ABsolo is that the point of back support has hydraulic assistance which amortize the impact and protects our lumbar.

Sample mode you can see the video that clearly illustrates the exercise carried out with the help of ABsolo.

I think it can be very fun and innovative, but… not culminate to be just as routine if use it daily?

In my opinion the best way to find fun activities is alternate and vary the exercises that tone up this part of the body so important for all of us. Therefore, I consider that the ideal area for ABsolo machine is not my house, but the gym or sports centre where we can use it when we give you fun and vary our workout routine.