Abdominal Isometrics, an Unknown Exercise

Surely many of you look at the image do not imagine that this exercise is to strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles. The work ABS through isometric contraction is not the usual but if that gives many benefits to this muscle group.

Isometric contraction is that which makes the muscle but no movement is obtained, i.e., they tend to be contractions to maintain an espeficica. And what is so special about this type of contraction?, as that at all times the muscle is working, there is no rest, so the intensity of the workout is high.

If you want to do more intense exercise all that needs to be done is to further advance the elbows, in this way the abdominals are responsible that the hip does not fall to the ground.

If you hold this position for 30 seconds to one minute you can be happy, you are in the Middle, if you get two minutes gives sure have some abdominal iron. Seems easy eh?, then put the timer and check it, I starting from the minute I start to put Red…

In a secondary manner in this exercise you’ll also work the shoulders, arms and buttocks area. A very complete and easy to perform exercise. For newbies in interesting to have help to adopt a position, it often happens that the bum first attempts we got it too since they act so the legs and exercise is easy.

Important: exercise discouraged in hypertensive patients longer than isometric contractions to become a shrinkage in time and not having rest accumulate an excess of blood pressure not to enter the blood into the muscle.