5 Hours Entertainment Pur-a Day on The Water With Victor von “I go Fishing”

For a long time, I follow with great interest the youtube channel “I go fishing!” I find that Victor is in videos a kind of very casual and entertaining and so I looked already with much anticipation on our first meeting at the 28.10.2014. It of course very well met that Victor is also Berlin, so his arrival to my home waters was very straightforward.

Directly from the friendly greeting, I realized that I had two right cheerful in front of me with Victor and Conrad. And then we go on the water. In the days before it had been somewhat difficult, so I was expecting any

miracles, is obvious, that no one wants to see a Schneider programme urgently. We put us so powerfully in the stuff! While we in front of us, Victor began Hinan apply, to interview me and I can tell you we came out from the laughter. Although the two boys really very professional to work, boredom or the feeling of working came in second to none to light. And so it really was also first in the weight that so far no fish on our fishing had made noticeable.

It was a beautiful, sunny fall day and we saw relatively much movement on the shore. Constantly jumped small prey fish out of the water and occasionally clapped also a predator on the surface. But why was nobody interested for our bait? Patiently we fished more and enjoyed ourselves despite the missing bites still gorgeous. Victor chatted under the covers and told me about his experiences as a YouTuber lots of interesting and useful.

After four hours with nothing but two cautious bites, we had to start thinking about a second day of shooting. Because, as I already said, there is a fishing show without fish unfortunately incomplete when all humor and creativity. But fate had it but not so bad with us meant: about a half hour before the darkness I could outsmart finally a small Pike. Apparently, we had now reached the biting phase, because after we were successful with a few other small Pike and perch. So, we could still wonderfully complete the already very successful day and make us satisfied from the field in the dark. I’m sure that’s not the last time has been that we do something together and am now on further joint projects. It’s fun, to “work” with types of such relaxed and authentic. I think it’s become a cool video, what do you think?