10 Pump, a New Mode of Training with Your IPhone and IPod Touch

Now we have no excuses for not practicing sport. And is that the Pump company one has launched a new program for the iPhone and iPhod touch. It is of the pump 10, fun software that will serve as a great help to know how we should train our body.

Many times we have had doubts when it comes to exercise, because we didn’t know if we were running properly. In addition, in most of the routines we just falling into monotony, something that we must avoid so that the body is not accustomed to the same exercises. These problems are over now with the emergence of the pump 10.

This program offers us weekly a new video of 10 minutes with the recommended exercises for that week and with new tips to keep us in shape. All videos are made by personal trainers that illustrate us the way in which we have to carry out each exercise to not make mistakes.

The program offers more than 2,000 workout routines, giving us a variety of exercises to choose from, because we must get used to not always perform the same routine to surprise the muscle with new exercises and make it of more to develop. For this purpose offer us various proposals for the same muscle group.

The themes on which treated the videos are the weight loss, strength, muscular development, flexibility… so it is a recommended program for all kinds of people with different interests and physical needs. In short, what pump 10 wants to be is a personal trainer It will offer us exercises personalised in our own digital device.

For all this and for the accuracy of the videos, is the perfect stand for people who can’t go to a gym or that do not enjoy sports centres can practice an exercise routine at home. That Yes, the motivation is not the same, as good exercise is also disconnect from your environment and carry out the routines in a place equipped for this purpose. So it may be a good guide for practising in gym as a complement to what we already know.