Want To Stay Young Much Longer?Ride A Bike

We all know the importance of physical exercise in the perseverance of our health and capabilities, both physical and mental. regardless of sport, it is important that you exercise throughout your life.

The fans of the pedaling now have a thousand reasons to smile and to feel more rejuvenated. According to a study by King’s College London and the University of Birmingham, cycling significantly reduces aging in terms of physical appearance.

In a study where 85 men and 41 women, aged 55 to 79, were recruited and cycled regularly, showed that cyclists did not show the age they actually had compared to normal aging standards.

Cyclists, both amateurs and professionals, showed few signs of aging and showed a better physical condition and faster memory and reflex capabilities, similar to young adults and not to people in their age group.
The cyclists who participated in this study, according to the Journal of Physiology, where the  article  was published, underwent several tests: physical, cognitive, muscle strength and reflex tests. The article showed that cyclists react best, both in physical condition and in mental condition, having the most rapid reflexes. These results are not new. In 2013, a study of professional cyclists on the tour (back in France) showed that they lived on average 6 years longer than non-cyclists.

If you are a practitioner and a fan  Of the two pedal wheels, you have a thousand reasons to smile, if not, go and buy your bike if you want to stay young much longer. Still unknown how to choose a suitable bike, here are cycle bike purchasing suggestions.