Tested: Top Sportsbra-Zensah

We’ve talked several times about race tops and the importance of making the right choice according to your need and biotype.
Top race is as important as choosing a tennis and we’re not exaggerating! Out which let’s face it, is not one of the cheaper items, right?
Turns and moves that matter is addressed here, after all, are #asloucasdostops and whenever discovered any model, we seek test enough to count our prints for you.

Today I will talk about the Top SportsBra received from theZensah. I love seamless top for the comfort it provides, but I confess that I only use in everyday activities, like going to the grocery store, bakery, fair, etc.
Never crossed my mind to use a run (busty will understand).  hahahah

When I received this top of the Zensah, I was very curious to see if he could handle the heat. So I ran to do “the 9”. #velha

My first test was on a run of 6 k intermittent on Avenue close to home. Made a point of talking about the place because of theobstacles (which all have street): posts, deviations, a hole here and there, the bus stop and pedestrians. On this day it was hot, sweat profusely, and the fabric has absorbed moisture well. According to the brand, he “regulates the temperature”, that I doubted a little so they hit the eye. I’ll explain: it has a kind of lining in the same fabric (I believe that to strengthen the support), and logically”more cloth=less breathability.” But to my surprise it didn’t happen. Although the fabric + liner, he has a fresh touch really good.

Speaking of support… held well and left everything in your place. Despite losing bust measure after I lost weight, I’m still busty nature and need of a play. Nobody wants to run worried about these things, right? Hahahah
My size is M and the P/M and didn’t feel squeeze the spot of bother.
The modeling of the neckline is a bit tipsy, which helps even more in support of the breasts.

Another concern (my) is leave the chest “filled in”. No, he doesn’t, massss doesn’t compare with the tops with stitching + bulge that mimic Bras. I confess that this template is not my favorite, but use enough in my workouts (for academia is perfect!).

Other points to consider: is easy to wear and is sooo comfortable, in fact, of all the tops I’ve ever used, this is without a doubt the most comfortable.
Comfort makes me think of friction and in this regard he is aprovadíssimo. According to the own brand, “provides an ergonomic adjustment that moves along with your body, avoiding friction on the skin. I have super sensitive skin (I’m half slave products ‘ anti friction ‘) had no problems.

General opinion

I enjoyed a lot the sports bra the Zensah. Although not my favorite (question: let the Nice breasts lol) he did well what it promises: sustained, absorbed moisture, not “warmed up” and is extremely comfortable. Only the price didn’t think there sooo what discourages somewhat to acquire other pieces.#mãodevaca