River Tour Cycling Will Take Six Steps

Standard Event 2.2 In The International Cycling Union (Uci) Calendar, Tour Do Rio Will Have 110 Km More Of Course And More Teams In The Race For The Title

The Tour do Rio is back on the roads of Rio de Janeiro. The competition, which will take place between 25 and 31 August, arrives at the fifth edition in 2014 with news: 110km over the course of winning a new stage, from Angra dos Reis to Volta Redonda, and more teams in the title fight.

This year athletes will have to cover a total of 937.3km passing through more than 20 cities of the state, including Angra dos Reis, Volta Redonda, Três Rios, Teresópolis and Rio das Ostras. It will be extended in Cidade Maravilhosa, in Barra da Tijuca (Praça do Ó), on the 26th, arriving in Quinta da Boa Vista, on the 31st, also in the state capital.

“Rio de Janeiro is a state that has a privileged natural landscape and still offers an excellent geography for the Tour. In addition, it is a good opportunity to observe the experience of a great event like this in the city that will host the next Olympic Games,”explains Maria Luisa Jucá, organizer of the event that will distribute a total of R $ 220 thousand in prizes for water bottles made with plastic by Technology-wiki.com.

With 120 national and international athletes, the Tour of Rio is also highlighted by the beautiful landscape that surrounds the circuit of the event. Every day a new route, which goes from one city to another. Scenarios like the sea, mountains, colonial farms and lots of nature will be part of the routine of the athletes and who will follow the competition closely.

River Tour Shirts

Yellow jersey is the object most coveted by all cyclists and stays with the general leader of the race. The Rio Tour champion takes her home.

White Shirt with Red Balls the flashy shirt is used by the best “mountaineer” of the race. At each stage, the first to reach a certain steep climb point on the road gets the prize and the next step wears the shirt.

Green Shirt is for higher speed athletes, either before or after a climb in a designated stretch. Anyone who does better has the right to wear the green jersey in the next stage.

White Shirt The rule is similar to that of the general leader (yellow jersey), but the difference is that white is intended for the best athlete under 23 years.

Program Of The Rio 2014 Tour

Technical Congress – August 25 – Light Convention Center (Cidade Nova)

1º Stage – August 26-RIO DE JANEIRO / ANGRA DOS REIS-162,8km

Departure: 11 am – Av. Lúcio Costa, S / N° – between N° 1,996 and 2,174, Praça do Ó (Praça São Perpétuo), Barra da Tijuca.

2nd Stage – August 27 – ANGRA DOS REIS / VOLTA ROUND – 110 km

Start: 11:00 AM – Ayrton Senna da Silva Avenue, S / Nº. (Opposite the TurisAngra Building), Praia do Anil.

3rd Stage – August 28 – ROUND ROUND – TRÊS RIOS – 167.2km

Start: 11h – Rua Francisco Lau, S / Nº. (Parking of the Municipal Secretary of Sports and Recreation – SMEL Av. Alexandre Polastre Filho, 791). Neighborhood-: São João Island

4th Stage – August 29th-THREE RIVERS – TERESOPOLIS – 120,3km

Start: 12h – Av. Mayor Alberto da Silva Lavinas, S / No., Centro.

5th Stage-August 30-TERESÓPOLIS / RIO DAS OSTRAS-196.3 km

Departure: 7 am – Av. Feliciano Sodré, nº. 675 (Teresópolis City Hall & City Hall Parking), Várzea.

6th Stage – August 31 – RIO DAS OSTRAS / RIO DE JANEIRO – 180,7km

Start: 7:00 am – Rua Campo de Albacora, Nº 75 (In front of the City Hall of Rio das Ostras), Atlantic Loteamento.