Review of Twin 10 Litre Backpack, Did

The backpack that we evaluated in this review is the small and practical Bag Twin, 10 litres, Did. Is one of the smaller backpacks on the market and it’s not moisturizing. The backpack that we evaluate is the original model, but Did recently did an “upgrade” of this model by implementing some changes. It is still possible to find some original models, but the trend is that soon only exists to sell the new model.


Size: The backpack has only 10 litres which makes it one of the smallest on the market. Measuring, resurfacing its dimensions are: 33 cm wide 42 cm high (but she’s not exactly square).

It’s really compact, but it is what is essential for the day to day on a trip or even inside the city. When used as a backpack of attack on trails or trips you can take a windbreaker jacket, lunch, toiletry bag, water, guide, wallet, camera and not much more than that. On a daily basis in the city your ability to easily replace a bag (feminine).

One thing that does not fit within it and that just making me buy a second bag of attack is the notebook. A normal notebook size really doesn’t fit, which means I need to dismiss her when I need to carry that kind of equipment.

Weight: She is very light, weighs only 340 grammes.

Side: One of the reasons why she is light is because it lacks side drive, he is soft on Dry System that allows the passage of air, so that the adventurer don’t get all wet by sweat using her. This flexible side makes it can be rolled up or folded and easily stored when not necessary your use.
According to the manufacturer: “Back in Dry System ® filled with E.V.A. of 6 mm”

Handles: The inner part of the handles, as well as the side is with Dry System  and anatomic form, quite comfortable. The adjustment of the straps is done by two videotapes that have the great functionality of poke over, but the rolls are stuck for a few ribbons of velcro that end up getting hairs and that end up damaging a bit the side of both keep pulling the fabric (see photo in the gallery). It would be better if these rolls were fastened with elastic, as in other models of backpack brand.

According to the manufacturer: “anatomical lças coated in Dry System ® and molded in E.V.A. of 6 mm “

New model: the new Backpack account model with reflective front fitting for signal lamp. See the new model in the pictures below:


Coupling: The original model Twin Pack 10 (which appears in the photos of this review) was designed to be the Mountaineer’s twin backpack a backpack to which it can be freighter bound as the photo beside. She came with a couple of ribbons sides (hidden inside the side) so it could be attached to the freighter. In the current version the bag lost this functionality.

External networks: In addition to the pockets have two external nets good to put something of use fast as water bottles, camera or something. The net height is greater than on other models and allows you to put up little bottles, without risk of falling.

Pockets: The bag has two pockets: one external, extremely useful for keeping things fast access that cannot be lost in the main compartment and an intern at the top, ideal for storing documents. Along with this internal Pocket also is a small little hook key holder or something else (which I never used).

Photo Gallery

Our experience

“The rucksack was acquired in 2011 to be used as a backpack of attack during a backpacking by Ecuador. The reason for the purchase was the small size and the fact that it is flexible and can be folded and stored in the freighter when I needed to be carrying only one volume. Since then it was used constantly in all other Brazil travel and abroad, and is also used in the daily life of the city, since I don’t use bags, preferring always a backpack.
I find it great. Not only meets my needs when in the work function to load the notebook. ”

Recommendation of usand thessessment

Recommended use: The backpack is ideal for those looking for a backpack to attack small, compact, flexible, simple and discreet. We believe that your differential is to be small and flexible. She does very well on a daily basis or as Backpack attack on short tracks, you don’t have to take a lot. Another good feature is how backpack in tow on trips.

If you’re looking for a sturdy backpack, with several features, she doesn’t answer your need. And, finally, we do not recommend the use for those who need to carry notebook.

Positive Points: Comfortable, lightweight, small and flexible.Serves well to a user who seeks a compact and simple backpack.

Negative Points: May be too small. We recommend that you evaluate the size before purchase. The zipper (YKK) rusted after some years of heavy use, with many trips to the beach. But it still works normally even with the outside.

Product data and technical information

Brand: Did
Origin: Made in Brazil

Size: 10 liters (when stretched: 33 cm wide 42 cm high)
Weight: 340 g
Colors: Black (original model), blue (new model) and Red (new model)
Fabric: Poli 360/210 d Cordura

This product was purchased by our staff and is not a sponsored Post since we here our most genuine opinion about the product, without any influence of the brand. Learn more about our policies on outdoor rucksack.