Mini-Workshop for Those Who Like to Take Care of Bike

Topeak suitcase has 18 different tools. all made of chrome-vanadium steel, durable and ultra-resistant material.

c Who uses the bike every day or every weekend knows: having a workshop indoors, even if small, is crucial. Whenever there is a problem, the rider needs to have the right tools in place to ensure the correctness and repair of your bike, either before or after the pedal.

But how to choose the best equipment? Before answering this question, you need to think about three key points of any bicycle product: quality, durability and versatility. When acquiring a set of tools, the cyclist must define his goal. Even with an infinite variety, it is good to start with the parts that form the basis of any home-made workshop.

Reference in the market, Topeak counts on an ideal product for who pedals in the streets, tracks or roads and is passionate about tools. The Prep Box is a complete, professional-quality case. With 18 pieces produced in Chrome-Vanadium steel (ultra-resistant material), the product has even greater load tolerance and resistance to corrosion. That is, durability goes beyond any other material.

In addition to the technology, the Prep Box even offers an attachable external case that is perfect for carrying smaller pieces outside the case. Among the tools are the analog torque wrench, Torx wrench set, cassette and freewheel chuck, multi-turn chain wrench, universal crankpick and other varieties of tools.

An ideal kit to do some maintenance work in the store, to take to the events and trips or even perform bicycle repair at home. The value of the product in stores is R $ 1,999.90.

Topeak is one of the leading accessories brands in the world of cycling. With a unique line of products such as saddlebags, backpacks, tools, pumps and lighting, it has in innovation and special attention to every detail its great differentials. In Brazil, the brand is distributed by IGP Sports and has more than 150 products.