Legging Manual: Tips for Making Beautiful!

Hi fashionásticas!

After a year the lf is back!!! Yey!
To come back with a vengeance this post is about essential tips of a piece I love Brazilian women: LEGGINGS!
For being a fan of leggings and see many combinations on the streets that makes me want to cry (of rage and sorrow), I decided to share with you tips to put together a look right and super fashion for all kinds of personalities, body, time and taste.

Come on?

  1. Leggings with short blouse??NÃAOOO!! Never. There are people who insist on doing it, but I can’t. Legging asks a combination with wider blouses and long. In winter is beautiful with a knitting and even a shirt.
  2. If you are overweight or have big hips or too much thigh, do not use printed leggings. Abuse of smooth and basic black.
  3. Still on printed leggings… always use with a shirt or tee lisa.4.shoes: Boot (high and low), high heels and shoe. No stiletto heel and can bet on models with square heels. #échic Who has the calf (aka leg potato!) a grown woman has to play more open models and dug.
  4. Leggings at work: a lot depends on what is your profession.If you work in a formal place, legging doesn’t fall very well … even if it’s black. If it is an informal setting, always wear dark leggings paired with chic pieces like silk blouses and blazer is super baph!
  5. Academy Legging is just wrong be used at the Academy, please!

Then, follow the basics to rock with this basic part, but also makes all the difference when the look is well combined. It is chic and sexy and not sleazy because or you will be fair and be embarrassed in the street or will look like a temaki. RS.