Develop Your Strength and Your Muscles Doing Pyramids

The training pyramid system It has been created to solve the problem start with loads maximum from the first series, because theoretically, if we are able to raise the maximum load without preheating, we promote the strength and muscle development.

If this theory will take to practice the risk of injury would be very high, therefore, pyramids have been designed so that after preheating, where light loads rise and many repetitions are performed, we can get peak loads without risk of injury and increase strength and muscle size safely.

The pyramid method It is suitable for people who are already experienced, and within this we find several options of preparation. On the one hand the ascending classic pyramid is based on progressively increase loads and gradually reduce the repetitions, while the top-down pyramid It consists of starting with too much weight and few repetitions and gradually increase these while you reduce weight.

In the analysis of these two variants, there are those who criticize the ascending pyramid by those who make it know from the beginning that they should lift more weight, then, do not work with the concentration nor the necessary intensity in the first series and when they reach the top of the pyramid, feels fully tired.

However, the top-down pyramid can mean more risk of injury, since it must begin with maximum weights without prior work that prepares the muscles.

On the other hand, there is the truncated pyramid, that follows the principles of the classical pyramid up but ends with medium loads and does not reach maximum weights, this type of pyramid could be more suitable for less experienced people.

One variant of the pyramidal system consists in the Double pyramid, such as if they were two opposing pyramids and starts upward, reducing the number of repetitions and raising loads simultaneously so after arriving in loads maximum to reduce weight and repetitions to rise gradually. This kind of pyramid is used, above all, to muscle hypertrophy.

In any of the pyramids, the series will be between 4 and 5 and the number of repetitions will be between 4 and 15, always with a rest between sets of 2 minutes approximately.

The pyramids can be made with various muscle groups, but always technique, must be done properly so it is convenient if never done beam, you request the help of a professional.

In addition, as we always say, does not constitute a unique training method, will alternate with other systems give better results.

However, the pyramids are not only allowing you to increase the force, but that at the same time, provide the possibility of exaggerating.