Christian Louboutin Organizes Bike Polo Tournament to Present His New Sneaker

In Florence, French designer Christian Louboutin joined the most prestigious names of the masculine fashion universe with his first especil project for the 92a edition of the Pitti Uomo. To celebrate the occasion the historic Piazza Santa Maris Novella became the arena for a thrilling day of Bike Polo tournament which gathered eight international teams representing France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, England and the United States. Each of the teams was wearing a version of the new model of sneaker Aurelien, from the autumn winter 2017 collection.

Special guests, among them the CEO of Pitti Immagine, Raffaello Napoleone, joined the Louboutin for a full day of programming, from the opening ceremony to a final dispute between the Italian team, treee and the Americans Gnarcats. The Italians, Enrico Pancera, Edoardo Oboe and Edoardo Noro won the competition and took the prize: a customized trophy and a trip to the 2017 Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament, which takes place this year in Kentucky in the United States.

“I discovered Bike Polo through acquaintances in Paris, friends of our teams. I love the passion they transmit. I really admire the people who have this passion and the discipline that allows them to make the sport their lives. “says Christian Louboutin on his inspiration for the project, which is aligned to his support for the Cuban delegation at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. At the time, Louboutin collaborated with his friend, Henri Tai, and to create the uniforms used by the team to the closing ceremony of the Games.

Still with underground essence, the Bike Polo featuring over 450 times and thousands of players around the world and gathers a community motivated by passion for sport, companionship and competition. Each team consists of three players in their bikes, which aims to hit the ball in the opponent’s goal using a wooden taco, as well as in the traditional polo.

Each trio has a color of the sneaker Aurelien, customized in the Florentine factories of Christian Louboutin exclusively for the competition. With a complex construction the model is unprecedented in the footwear universe. A creative blend between Italian handicraft and an innovative high-resolution technology, each sneaker takes two whole days to be produced, with 50 elements composing the body and sole of a single foot; 100 for the pair. A kind of red sock inside tennis accommodates the foot, ensuring comfort and allowing the same to be used without the shoelaces being tied–in a discreet fashion statement.

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