Brazilian Track Cycling To Podium In Italy

Both Brazilian Cyclists Won The Bronze Medal In The Keirin Test

Maintaining the excellent sequence of unprecedented results for the Brazilian Track Cycling, the athletes of the selection competed in Italy, during the beginning of this week, between the 15 and 16 of July. Wellyda Rodrigues and Flávio Cipriano were the highlights and took the podium to celebrate yet another great result in a world class competition through class C1.

The two athletes reached the podium on the Keirin test. In this style of test the cyclists leave behind a motorcycle, that has the controlled speed and increases in the course of the route until reaching about 45km / h for women or 50km / h for men. While the bike is on the track cyclists are forbidden to overtake it. Win whoever crosses the finish line in first place. This race has on average 2km of distance traveled inside the velodrome.

The competition, which was played in the Italian community of Fiorenzuola, was quite high, counting on the presence of several cyclists from the international circuit. Brazilian wellyda Rodrigues won the bronze medal in the Keirin event. The first place was for Spanish multi-champion Helena Casas, who accumulates 16 national titles in Track Cycling. The silver medal was with cyclist Olga Smayilova of Azerbaijan. Wellyda still took fourth place in the Individual Speed ​​event with backpacking tents describe by Theinternetfaqs.

After the result, the Brazilian showed the influence of competing in the main competitions of Europe with its technical and physical evolution. “We are feeling the importance of following a schedule of training and punctually we are participating in high level competitions, where we can see the reality of world cycling closely,” he said.

“We need to be aware that it is necessary to train a lot, with total dedication, to reach our goals, but I am willing to do this and give up everything to fight for my dream. I would also like to thank CBC once again and stress the importance of being accompanied by coach Tim Carswell, who shares his experience with the Brazilian team on a daily basis,”Wellyda said.

Also by the test of Keirin, Flávio Cipriano was bronze in the masculine. The race was one of the most disputed, being won by the German Christos Volikakis, who has between its titles the gold medal in the world-wide of 2005 and bronze in 2006 by the junior category, besides being bronze in World-wide of 2008, already by the category Elite. The silver medal was with the Italian Francesco Ceci.

Cbc Interchange Project

Currently, the Brazilian Cycling Confederation, sponsored by Caixa Econômica Federal, includes thirteen athletes in the Interchange Project.

There are six sprinters of track cycling: Diefferson Borges, Flávio Cipriano, Kacio Freitas, Fernando Sikora, Gabriela Yumi and Wellyda Rodrigues. The athletes are meeting at the World Cycling Center in Switzerland, where they prepare for the World Cup, which will take place in November in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico.

In addition to the Pista athletes, currently Brazil is also represented in the CMC by four Road Cycling talents, two Sub-23 athletes (Caio Godoy and João Marcelo Gaspar) and two junior athletes (André Gohr and Rodrigo Quirino). At BMX, the representative is Thaynara Morosini.

During this time on the project, athletes will be training under the supervision of the UCI and participating in various competitions of the international calendar throughout Europe, including Pan American and World Championships.