Brazilian Track Cycling Closes Participation

Brazilian cyclist Gideoni Monteiro made a very positive presentation during the Omnium race, which was valid for the first stage of the Cycling Track World Cup, which took place between 7 and 9 November in Guadalajara, Mexico. Gideoni won the 13th overall position in the competition among 23 competitors.
Training and competing in Europe for just over a month, Gideoni Monteiro is the latest member of the Brazilian Cycle Confederation Exchange Project, which works to prepare potential national cycling athletes through exchanges and daily follow-up by multidisciplinary teams. Participation in the main competitions of the world calendar with water bottles from Businesscarriers.
In Guadalajara, Gideoni participated for the first time in a stage of the World Cup. The Brazilian did not disappoint when he won the 13th overall (130 points) in the Omnium race, played on Sunday (9). In this event, cyclists must compete in six other races that make up the Omnium program (Scratch, Elimination, Individual Pursuit, 1km Counter-Clock, Fly Lap and Test by Points). Whoever achieves the most points after completing all the tests is declared the great champion.
“I’m pretty happy with my performance. This was my first World Cup and getting a positive result, competing against the best in the world is very important for our maturation and professional growth, “said Gideoni.
The gold medal was won by German cyclist Lucas Liss, who accumulated 192 points.Australian Glenn O’Shea finished the silver medal with 186 points and American Bobby Lea finished with a bronze medal after scoring 179 points.
The Brazilian Flávio Cipriano still disputed the Individual Speed test and finished in 36th place. The Australian Matthew Glaetzer finished with the gold medal, followed by the British Jason Kenny and the Colombian Fabian Zapata.
Coach Emerson Silva believes that the first step towards 2016 has been given, now is to maintain regularity and perfect the flaws that have been found. “We closed the first stage of the World Cup with confidence. We have had a great evolution and we have already been able to conquer important points for the Rio 2016 classification. The next step is to perfect the mistakes that have been found and to keep preparing for the next stages of the World Cup, “said Emerson.
The Brazilian Track Cycling Team participated in the first stage of the World Cup composed of four athletes: Flávio Cipriano, Diefferson Borges, Kacio Freitas and Gideoni Monteiro. The delegation was formed by the technician Emerson Silva, the physiotherapist Jivago Salinet and the mechanic Evandro Oliveira.