Bottles and Plastic Cups – Run Them for the Sake of Your Health

See 4 solutions to best use them.

We learn early in the school that the human body is composed of about 75% water. The logic is reset this liquid with daily intake of at least 2 Litres a day, but I knew this habit can hide a real danger?It is very common to reuse plastic claws to take water, replenish throughout the day and do not wash them with the frequency and necessary care. But our daily companion hides unseen dangers as bacteria and can even cause cancer!

According to studies, both daily use as cleaning of these materials can cause damage to the plastic, creating favorable environment for bacterial proliferation. Imagine that even a simple Dent, microscopically, can cause cracks and fissures in these bacteria make the party and then the party continues in your body-you will suffer the consequences of contamination.

Then, all smart or smart, thinking: “I’m going to use hot water to wash the bottle.”

According to a brazilian research, heating of plastic material releases Bisphenol A (BPA), a synthetic hormone that can cause some types of cancer, such as breast, uterus and prostate, as well as increase the incidence of male infertility.

That is, until that little plastic cup of coffee your diary offers risk release BPA.

4 practical solutions

1-Use bottles and glasscups, ceramic or stainless steel, often sanitized.

2 – use only plastic bottles that have the words “BPA Free”, “BPA-free”, “BPA-free”, but you have to look for.

3 – Stay tuned to symbols and number of recycling:

The insurances are the number 2, 4 and 5. The number 1 can only be used safely only once and the number 7 is safe only if they come accompanied by the PLA signup or drawn sheet (biodegradable):

4 – Reuse plastic bottles intelligently: