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Strength Training in The Elderly

Much progress has been made in the field of the gymnastics o physical exercise promptly aimed to benefit people of the third age. Habitually it is recommended to take walks or aerobic exercises in order to reduce the effects of the Aging on the resistance and improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

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Jump Rope, Not Just a Kids Game

What of children carried out spontaneously in order to have fun can be not only a game, since it found that jump rope is one of the physical exercises most complete. Jump rope favorably affects our cardiovascular health, to be an aerobic activity that promotes the functioning of the lungs and respiratory tract, becoming more efficient work.


Latin Caribbean, Another Pace of Fashion

On several occasions you have presented different variants of group activities that are successful in Latin America and are introduced in our country as Reggaetón Fit (Yunin Terán) or SalsaFit (Corin Pacheco). Today it is the turn to Latin Caribbean.

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Aerobithon, The Great Marathon of Aerobics

Although every time we are more people enjoy the benefits of sport, there are still many people who do not practice any physical activity on a regular basis, and is that in the majority of cases associate sport with boredom or suffering. To avoid this, the Spanish Federation of aerobics and fitness takes place the Aerobithon, […]

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Feeding and Training of Rafa Nadal

What will eat and how to train a champion of the tennis courts? No doubt power y training they are basic pillars of sporting success. How to train or what you eat Rafa Nadal It may not serve another tennis player, that these themes should be treated with care and always individualizing.


Records and Change Bad Habits

It is usually at this time of year in, being just a few days of the summer, we want to edit all those habits that harm us abruptly, and finally, we cannot hold the positive time changes, because just in this way does not work, that we gradually progress towards an effective modification of habits and the […]