How to Do The Cardio to Burn More Fat: Burners (And IV)

In the previous entries of How do the cardio to burn more fat We talk about all the concepts that we could apply to the hour for the cardio as heart rate around 70% of keystrokes, ideal for jogging moments and the peaks of intensity in the race.

However this entry from How to do cardio to burn more fat We are going to talk about something that is related to the cardio and burn more fat but you can say that it will not implicitly with the cardio in itself, we therefore speak of the burners fat. (more…)

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We Have Been around The World Comparing The Prices of The Viral Coat from Zara, and These Are Our Conclusions

One of the first adjectives that we comes to mind when we think of Zara, the flagship of the giant Inditex, is affordable. Latest trends at affordable prices. Under that banner, relatively low prices and fast fashion, it has built an empire. But is it actually Zara as affordable as it seems? Perhaps in Spain Yes, but elsewhere in the world… not so much. (more…)

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Wheel Reinvented

Engine turns pedal and braked energy into extra help for cyclists.

It’s hard to reinvent the wheel, but the Superpedestrian startup came close. Created within Senseable City, a laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, the Copenhagen Wheel is a bicycle engine, capable of accumulating energy with pedals and brakes and using it to help the cyclist. (more…)

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Project That Teaches Pedaling Will Be Present In Archer Pinto Cycling

Bike Anjo Will Be Available To People During The Two Tests, On November 22, In Manaus. Registration For Races Remains Open

One of the new features of the Aguinaldo Archer Pinto and Amélia Archer Cycle Races, which will take place on November 22, will be the’Bike Angel’.The action, carried out by Pedala Manaus, aims to help people who want to learn to ride correctly by bicycle in Manaus and safely. (more…)

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Sportixwear Launches Cycling Clothes To Wear On A Daily Basis

Brand Is The First To Produce In Brazil A Complete Line Of Casual Fashion With Dry Tech Technology For Those Who Pedal

The big cities are adapting more and more to the use of the bicycle in the day to day.Thinking of people who want to combine style and elegance with the routine of mobility and healthy living, SportixWear brought to Brazil in 2014 a complete line of products that guarantee style and comfort during the practice of any physical activity, especially for cyclists. (more…)

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